Friday, 28 October 2016

ZD Promotions Presents The Devils Night.

ZD Promotions Presents The Devils Night. Saturday 29th Of October 2016. £6 doors. Ivory Blacks, Glasgow. Starring: Break The Embargo, Dirty Judas, Astral Suns, Playing With Punkarella and Always Waiting On Lynn

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The Performance Enhancing Suppositories - Knife Crime Solves Everything.

As my band where in practicing earlier that day, it gave me a chance to catch up with PES during sound check. PES aka The Performance Enhancing Suppositories are a Rock n Roll band that hail from Dunbartonshire, Scotland. PES willingly let me film them play one of their "Young Team Classics" Knife Crime Solves Everything. Michael recalls "WHEN I WAS A MISGUIDED YOUNG MAN I RAN IN A NASTY, NAZI KNIFE GANG".

"I USED TO BE REAL WAKE AND LAME".  Michael proclaims. 

 This is a story of Redemption, Faith and Spoon bending so don’t get too hypnotically transfused with the rhythmic beats and eerie guitar licks plugging through from these Dunbartonshire Tribesmen. "EVERYONE WHO CROSSED US WOULD FAIL UNTIL THE DAY I WENT TO THE JAIL" As Nico De Moya Highlights "WHERE I FOUND JESUS AND SAW THE LIGHT". Michael has confessed "NOW I ONLY USE SPOONS TO FIGHT". 

Here is the evidence.

As we all know Knife Crime should never be joked about, Knife Crime is a very very serious issue but is it? Can Knife Crime be subjective? PES seems to think so. 


When asked as to why they live a life at the edge of a knife, Nico replied "I DO IT A LOTTISH BECAUSE I'M SCOTTISH!!!" a popular answer used frequently by Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.  

Monday, 12 September 2016

Always Waiting On Lynn

Scottish Rock Band based in Glasgow. Left to Right: Clare Lynn Smith (Gui/Vox), Billy J Milne (Bass), Budgie McGubligan (Drums). 

Bio: Punk Rock Band based in Glasgow, Scotland. Always Waiting On Lynn (AWOL) have been going since 2012 playing various venues through out Glasgow with various drummer changes. As off 2016 the line up current line up is:

 Demo released by BadJokeRecords; Room 3.